Shane Curcuru

Open Source Strategy & Branding Consultant
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Interesting Work

Punderthings Consulting

Better Ways To Engage With Open Source
Want to reduce risk, speed innovation, and improve retention with open source products? Hire Punderthings Consulting!

Choose A Foundation

Open Source Governance Explainer
Helping you take your open source project to the next level - advice on governance and FOSS Foundations.

The Apache Way

Effective FOSS Project Management
Explaining the techniques and behaviors used by Apache projects to draw in new contributors and provide healthy community governance.

Apache Trademark Policies

Open Source Trademarks Explained
Explaining trademark law for open source projects and their developers, and defining comprehensive Apache policies.

Community Over Code

Perspectives On Healthy Communities
Blogging on how Apache projects really work, and how you can lead better open source communities.

Shane's Slides

Actionable Education In FOSS
Presentations and videos from community and trademark sesssions at ApacheCon, OSCON, All Things Open, and more.

Things I Do


The Apache Way
FOSS Nonprofit Policies


Open Source Strategy
Software Trademarks


Wedding Cake Baking
Cat Whisperer

Key competencies:

  • Quickly understanding and documenting community behaviors
  • Explaining practical trademak law for open source brands
  • Translating between technical, business, legal, and community aspects



2009-2011, 2013, 2015 - Current
The Apache Software Foundation (

Set core corporate policies, define budget, and appoint corporate officers to manage a million dollar non-profit organization with a billion+ dollar impact on the software industry.

Fun accomplishments:
  • Documenting Apache's governance and project behaviors in the Apache Way.
  • Mentoring podlings and project communities on effective community management.

Vice President, Brand Management

2009 - Current
The Apache Software Foundation (

Define and implement brand and trademark policy for the ASF, including 180+ Apache top level projects Incubator podlings, spanning the gamut from Apache Hadoop to Apache OpenOffice.

Fun accomplishments:
  • Providing accessible and actionable training for community-run brands to encourage new contributors.
  • Implementing Apache-wide open source trademark policies and community-led policing techniques.
  • Negotiating for the credit Apache communities deserve with highly competitive for-profit companies.

Application Architect

2004 - 2016
IBM (Cambridge, MA)

Process consulting and application architecture development; making user-friendly tools for complex global HR business processes.

Fun accomplishments:
  • Led development of harmonization tooling to recommend effective ways to normalize common HR policies worldwide across multiple IBM companies.
  • Met complex and poorly-defined needs of multiple non-technical teams while keeping customer satisfaction high.